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"Five Guys Named Moe"
Top Ten Finalist
"Hey Pachuco"
Top Ten Finalist
Congratulations kids on All these Achievements!!

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Congratulations Competition Team


Some Awards we received this season:

“Miss Elite Teen", “Fast and Furious Award” and “ Feet On Fire Award” Elite Platinum, 1st overall, Gerber Broadway Dance Dreams Award,Scholarship to Power Pack Convention “Groove” (Brayden Wihbey)

 “Miss Elite” Elite Platinum , Power Pack Award , 2nd overall "Summertime” ​ (Sarah Rioux)

 “Accent Award" Sr. Teen Hip-Hop “Formation” Platinum (Cristiana Santos)

 "Most Entertaining", “Great Character Award” Platinum, 5 Star Elite, Teen Duet “Moses Supposes” (Brayden Wihbey and Sarah Rioux)

 "Razzle-Dazzle Award" Teen Duet Jazz “Retreat” (Lindiana Frangu and Breanna Byrd)

 "Power Pack Award" Mini Solo “Conga” Platinum 1st overall (Samantha Boggs)

"Most Entertaining ", “Ticket to Broadway Award” and “Party Onstage Award”, “Outstanding Musical Theatre Performance Industry Dance Award” Platinum, 1st overall Teen Large Group “Too Late Daddy”

 "Captivating Composition" 10th overall Sr. Teen Sm. Grp. Jazz “1977”

 " MTV Jam Award" Teen Hip-Hop Line “Life if the Party”

 "That's so Fetch Award" Platinum, Teen Small Group Hip-Hop “Mean Girls”

 “Ticket to Broadway Award” and an invitation to compete in the World Dance Championships Mini Lg. Grp. Hip Hop “Come Get It”

“Committed to Character Award” Platinum, 9th overall ,“The Rocking Chair” Gerber Broadway Dance Dreams Awards, Choreography Award Teen Sm. Grp. Contemporary

 “Outstanding Tap Performance Industry Dance Award”- Platinum, 2nd overall “Toxic”

 “Breathe Me”– Platinum, 1st overall, Circle of Stars Award, Power Pack Award, Highest scoring teen soloist, 3rd runner up Miss Turn It Up (Micayla Barrows)

 “Send your Love”- Platinum, Circle of Stars Award, 5th overall (Morgan Mancini)

“Shoop Shoop”– Platinum, 4th over all

 “Footloose”– Platinum, 2nd overall (Megan McKenny)

“Zombee Jamboree”– High Gold, 3rd overall

 “Truck Drivin Girl”– High Gold, 6th overall

“How will I know”– Platinum, 8th overall (Leah Kulmann)

 “Stop the Rock”– High Gold 3rd over all

 “Ready or Not”– High Gold, 3rd over all

 “Looking Good”– High Gold (Kaylin Giuliani)

“Hey Pachuco”- 5 star and a invitation to compete in the World Dance Championships

 “You Can’t Stop the Beat”– High Gold, 2nd over all

 “Tank”– High Gold (Cadence Hofmann)

 “Buzzin”– High Gold, 6th overall CA. Scholarship (Riley Tindall)

 “Run the World”– High Gold, Circle of Stars (Cadence Hoffman)

 “No Swiggity”- 5 Star, 3rd overall and a invitation to compete in the

World Dance Championships

 “Sing”– High Gold, 3rd overall and Circle of Stars Award ,

Scholarship to Power Pack Convention (Megan Pelletier)

“No Bad News”- High Gold, 4th overall and Circle of Stars Award (Regan Tindall)

 “Salute”– High Gold

 “Orange Colored Sky”– High Gold (Hannah Levine)

 “Everybody Dance Now”– High Gold, 2nd overall

 “Five Guys Named Moe”– 5 star Elite, 1st overall, Entertainment award and an invitation to compete in the World Dance Championships

 “Lay Me Down”– Platinum, 5 star, 1st over all (Micayla Barrows, Kolbi Morgan, Brayden Wihbey)

 “Into You”– Platinum, 6th overall

 “Rainbow Baby”- Platinum, 3rd over all

 “7/11”– 5 Star 4th overall (Micayla Barrows and Morgan Mancini)

 “Retreat”– High Gold (Breanna Byrd and Lindiana Frangu)

 “Superbad”– High Gold, 6th overall (Kelly Mirando and Amanda Rodrigues)

 “Don’t Stop Believin”- (Arlena Michaud and Katie Pelletier)

 “Rhythm Nation”– Platinum, 3rd over all

 “Santo Domingo”– Platinum, 3rd over all

 “It’s Easy”– High Gold , 5 Star, 5th over all

 “Defying Gravity”– High Gold, 2nd overall (Caitlin Marvin)

 “Hallelujah”– Platinum,1st overall (Arlena Michaud)

 “Pulled”– High Gold, 3rd overall (Katie Pelletier)

 “Rise Up”– High Gold, Circle of Stars Award (Breanna Byrd)

 “Remedy”– Platinum (Kolbi Morgan) “Magical Musicality Award”

 “Need your Love”– Platinum, Circle of Star Award (Kelly Mirando)

 “Blue Jeans”- Platinum, Circle of Star Award ,Power Pack Award, 9th overall (Lindiana Frangu)

 “Caravan”– High Gold (Amanda Rodrigues)

 “Lucky”– Platinum, Circle of Stars , Power Pack Award, (Cristiana Santos)

“Someone Who Can Dance”– High Gold (Melissa Tracy)

 “No Diggity”– High Gold, Circle of Stars Award

 “Live out Loud”- Gold (Lily Kollar)